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1: Use of Materials is limited to personal and classroom use. Users with Active Memberships are granted a singular License to use any Materials downloaded from NewOB World for usage and distribution in personal and classroom settings. Any distribution or usage of Materials outside of these limitations is strictly prohibited.

2: Materials may be photocopied and printed freely by the User so long as the User adheres to Provision (1). Distribution of photocopied Materials outside of these Provisions is strictly prohibited.

3: Materials may not be shared in any form outside of Provision (1). Sharing Materials outside of the Terms of Provision (1) is strictly prohibited. Selling Materials to any third party is a breach of copyright and is subject to applicable law.

4: Membership with NewOB World may not be shared by multiple parties. Membership with NewOB World is a singular License, and may not be transferred or shared between multiple parties for any reason. Failure to comply with this Provision is considered a breach of our Privacy and User Information Policy.

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7: Users with an active Membership in good standing may request a refund if they are not satisfied with the Materials available through NewOB World. NewOB World reserves the right to arbitrate the approval or rejection of refunds at its sole discretion.


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