y ee ea oo sh th


This workbook/textbook provides the student with the most efficient way to learn writing. Besides practicing simple sentences, each page focuses on specific phonetic sounds; Y, EE, EA, OO, SH and TH. For example, the first page uses 'Y' in every word. This makes it easy for the student to remember the phonetic sound of 'Y'. A homework page for each unit is also provided for the students to review the work at home. This homework is stress free and does not require the help of a parent as it is tracing. 


*If the student makes a mistake at home, they have learnt that mistake. We want to avoid this where possible.


This is a short textbook/workbook and is meant for children and beginners. You are free to make copies of the pages for use in the classroom. It is recommended that each page be done at least twice by each student. Why have a boring and difficult class when you can have a fun and efficient way for children to learn?


Take your first step into a win win situation!

Phonics 2